D&AD Advertising Brief

2017 | Advertising

Client | giffgaff

Arif Abdillah | Danae Gosset | Daragh Anderson | Jack Welles | Circle Lu

giffgaff是英国本土新型电信网络企业,为欧洲电信巨头O2旗下年轻子品牌。其产品核心是让用户无需被两年以上的话费合同束缚,随时充值随时使用。品牌调性以年轻,俏皮,大胆著称,吸引大量学生和青少年用户。giffgaff首创无实体店经营,其运营及问题解答皆由网络论坛形式进行,并以此方式进一步加强用户的社群性和凝聚力。giffgaff品牌宗旨:free to go, free to stay。

基于“年轻人难以处理尴尬处境”的问题洞察(如无聊派对,相亲等),giffgaffgo是一个智能文本响应机器人,能提供异想天开的借口协助用户随时遁走。它的文本数据库连接着giffgaff的社区论坛,由其他用户集智为你的借口出谋划策,摆脱尴尬困境。同时, 它将整合用户的回答并进行机器学习来组合更多千奇百怪的答案。正如giffgaff的宗旨,如果你想离开,我们一定想尽办法让你走!

团队角色 | 创意策划、用户及数据分析、提案动画制作

Giffgaff is the UK-based mobile network without restrictive contracts.
With giffgaff you’re free to go, free to stay.

Giffgaffgo is an intelligent robot responder whose whimsical exit suggestions are devised by members of giffgaff’s amazing community. Our active member space encourages users to offer up an excuse for others to escape an awkward everyday dilemma. It collects unique user answers and learns by combining and intuiting some pretty wild and fanciful responses. Our guaranteed non-scary AI doesn't care about finding John Connor. It only wants to help you with an excuse for the cringiest of situations.

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