Tower of Babel

3D Video Mapping

2017 | 3D Video Mapping

新巴别塔是一个实验性3D Mapping虚拟影像雕塑作品,旨在转换和传达出都市社会阶级现状与分层。在这个作品中,都市空间被转化成巴别塔的不同层级,每一层图像都包含了具体的意象,用于表现社会阶层内部的冲突以及阶级的流动性。另外,在这个动画中,多面体的演化过程同时也表达了社会阶层形态学上的寓意。

The new Tower of Babel is an experiment and a virtual sculpture that explores and transforms the actualities of urban social class and stratification. In this project, the urban space will be converted into a new Tower of Babel, which is a figurative metaphor standing for hierarchy, social class conflicts, and the mobility of social stratification. Besides, in the animation, the evolution of a polyhedron was employed to embody the morphology of the social class. A form-changing polyhedron bouncing step-by-step around the tower city epitomised the characteristics of fluctuant class mobility.

image description
image description